Earn Money with your Unused Land

Aero-Solar Max develops large scale solar projects on privately owned property and sells the electricity to utilities, local communities, municipalities or local businesses. If you have unused or under-utilized acreage, we can offer the opportunity for a steady stream of income.

Land Requirements

  • 10+ acres
  • Cleared parcels are favored, though timbered acreage will be considered
  • Relatively flat
  • No known environmental hazards (floodplains, wetlands, etc.)

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Invest in the Future

Our unique integrated technology is the next evolution of renewable energy, and with government tax credits, investing in renewable energy is easier than ever.

Whether you choose to monetize your property with traditional solar or our patented integrated renewable energy systems, our Aero-Solar Max Energy Experts will be there to walk you through the process every step of the way.

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