Integrated Energy Solutions

Reimagine Renewable Energy

What if we could combine already existing technologies to completely revolutionize the way renewable energy is used? At Aero-Solar Max LLC we believe that the important changes-the ones that will ultimately change the world- don’t happen incrementally. Our patent-pending integrated renewable energy technology represents a shift in the way the world will collect and use renewable energy. This proprietary, integrated technology will bring unprecedented versatility and efficiency to the renewable energy industry that will drive solar, wind, and thermal to the forefront of the energy economy.


 Why Integrated Energy?

Solar, wind, and thermal are the most quickly growing alternative energy markets across the world and for good reason. They are some of the most pervasive energy sources, and they can be found wherever people are. The sun generates roughly 8,000 times the energy that the Earth uses in a year. Until the very recent past the only challenge has been collecting all of this energy.

Now the technology is ripe for a change. The amount of operating wind energy capacity increased more than 16 times between 2000 and 2012, and the global clean energy market is expected to reach $245 to $350 billion by 2016. There is only further growth from here. 

Finally the world has reached a tipping point. We believe that it will take just one revolutionary technology to shift the balance towards renewable energy. Our integrated renewable energy system will bring this change.



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